How to avoid the misunderstanding of the mattress and use it correctly

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD September 18,2020

How to avoid the misunderstanding of the mattress and use it correctly


Mattress, as a daily necessities it is used at least one-third of our life, it directly affects the quality of our sleep. Everyone use the mattress which is based on their own habits. Maybe you think it is no affect us. If you use 12 inch memory foam mattress with wrong way, it will affect our sleep quality and physical health. Do you have the misunderstanding of mattress in the following?


Myth 1: Sleep directly on the "naked" pad


Some people choose to sleep directly on the 12 inch memory foam mattress, because they dont want to putting and wash the sheets. But this will make the body lose about 500ml of water every night during sleep, and about 1.5 million dander cells that are metabolized and absorbed by the 12 inch memory foam mattress. Overtime, it will penetrate into the mattress from the outside to the inside. the contaminated mattress makes it a hotbed of mites and bacteria.


How to use the mattress correctly


Correct use:

Before laying the crisp, soft sheets, you can put a protective pad on the mattress to not only protect the 12 inch memory foam mattress, but also increase comfort.


Myth 2: Never clean the mattress


One night, "2 million locusts sleep with you" is not an alarmist. After all, one locust can become 300 in 3 months. Especially on mattresses have not been cleaned for a long time, or children's urine, spilled drinks, and side leakage of aunts, etc., will provide favorable conditions for the growth of bacterial aphids.


Correct use:

Each time you change the sheets, you can clean the 12 inch memory foam mattress with a vacuum cleaner. If the mattress is wet, you can use a towel or tissue to dry it and blow it with a hairdryer. If you have the conditions, you can also ask the professional team to remove the mites regularly.


Myth 3: The mattress will not be used for a long time.


If you often sleep on one side, the 12 inch memory foam mattress is prone to unevenness. Because of support is always for a the point of force, it is easier to lose support. If you sleep in a position for a long time, the wear of the spring and the quilting layer will be more serious, which not only affects the sense of sleep, but also affects the life of mattress.


Correct use:

Change the left and right sides of the mattress regularly. If it is a double-sided mattress, you can change the front and back. The frequency of replacement is preferably adjusted every 2-3 months, which is beneficial to the uniform force of the mattress and prevent sag.


Myth 4:duvet Cover and blanket is used as bed sheet


Take the unused sheets and blankets and use them directly as bed sheets. Basically, every household has done it. After all, it is convenient and saves money. In fact, this practice is not proper. Firstly, Blanket is thicker than the sheets, and it is more stuffy when you are sleeping on the bed. Secondly, the duvet cover and blankets are used as sheets, making it easier to "pilling" or deriving fluff.



Correct use:

Whether it's a bed skirt, a protector, a mattress cover or a bed sheet, it protect the mattress. Sheets are not just spacers between the mattress and the human body, they also protect the mattress which cant be soiled.


Myth 5: The mattress has been used badly


A mattress has its life. For example, a general mattress is last for ten years, but after ten years, there is no abnormal appearance, many consumers will choose to continue using it until it is severely damaged.


Correct use:

Even if the mattress is not damaged, it should be replaced with a new mattress at regular intervals. Because the mattress is squeezed by the weight of the human body for a long time, the elasticity will be weakened and the mattress will be slightly deformed. At this time, the fit of the body and the bed is not as good as before. There is a negative impact on the body when you sleep on the mattress for a long time.




The content introduced above is that some of the misunderstandings of using mattress. In the process of using the mattress, we can only use the mattress correctly to protect the mattress and create a more comfortable and healthy sleeping environment.