How to Choose a Comfort King Size Foam Mattress?

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD September 18,2020

It is essential and important for home to choose a comfort mattress for the family. However, springs, latex, coconut palm, environmental protection, ventilation, noise, interference... so many words related to mattress, it is confused; how to buy a comfort mattress in store or online?

comfort mattress

1.Buy a comfort mattress, you need to clear the demand

Before buying, we have to identify our needs, and then find out the best one that suit for you!

Firstly, it is a sense of sleep. Are you and your family accustomed to sleeping hard mattress orl soft one? Do you want to protect your spine? Sleeping deeply? Which is the most demanding? Don't be superstitious that "the higher technology, the better", you must find the one that is suit your sleep habits and needs.

comfort mattress

Secondly, we have to look at the price. The comfort mattress have a great variety of price from hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands; we can't believe that "the more expensive the better," and don't blindly pursue low prices. Based on our budget and choose the suitable one.

Finally, we have to concern about the after-sales service. After all, the life of the mattress is very long about a decade. The after-sales service is related to the speed, efficiency and attitude of the subsequent quality problems. We should pay attention.

comfort mattress

2.Buy a mattress, not buy a brand premium

When you buy a mattress, the essential step is to go to the mall. In the process of selection, each brand's guide will introduce you to their products.

Legendary brand story, nanotechnology materials, such as sleep in the cloud... Did you really have experienced the “sleeping feeling”, and the guide has been persuade you to buy it?

In fact, the comfort mattress is used to sleep, no matter how legendary its brand, how many stories, how high-end materials, you must choose the suitable for you, make you sleep well; do not impulsive, pay for the brand premium.

comfort mattress

3. Sleep well comfort mattress, save your time

This mattress is made of pocket spring, and the spring with a wire diameter of 1.8-2.4 is used to greatly improve the toughness and support. Even if you do push-ups on the bed at night, it will not affect your partner. Its comfort layer is made of memory foam combined with high-density foam, which is more suitable for body, pressure relief, comfortable and breathable. It is the best choice for a good mattress.

comfort mattress

4. No matter how you choose, there are two key points.

After clarifying the demand, we will choose the one that is the most suitable for us, the most comfortable, and the best service in our limited budget.

When it is the most suitable and comfortable, we have to clarify the concept: mattress comfort = spring quality + comfort layer comfort + fabric comfort.

comfort mattress