Do you have mattress have lifetime?

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD September 18,2020

We have 1/3 time sleeping, a suitable bed is important. Have a good sleeping, then you will have a happy life.


In Japan, there is a saying that one bed can be used ten thousand years, after we sleep on floor and mattress, they didn’t pack it. If you want to find out a comfortable firm foam mattress and sleep a life? But it is impossible, it have the life. Firm Foam Mattress is a consumables, we have to change it regularly.

Maybe you will confused why there are so many mattress shop have quality guarantee 10-20 years, it is a attractive point for you. How ever, hotel will change the firm foam mattresses 5-7 years.

firm foam mattress

Today we tell you how to check the mattress life in the following:

1.If it is sag in the middle of mattress?

When the mattress is sag or creak, it is damage in the construction. This will affect the support and is not good for sleeping.

2.have a pain in the back?


When you wake up tired and sore from a night of complete relaxation, It's time to take a good look at your firm foam mattress after you've removed the cause of your bad sleeping position.


3.Do you always wake up in mid night after fall asleep? And is there any skin disturbance?

When the firm foam mattress is out of shape and no longer fits the body, it is easy to reduce the comfort level of sleep, resulting in frequent turn over at night and wake up many times. Firm Foam Mattress is used for a long time, it will breed mites. People is easy to have itching, acne and other skin trouble, if the Firm Foam Mattress is without anti-mite treatment.

Firm Foam Mattress

If your mattress have the problems, you have to buy a new mattress.

When we choose a new mattress, we have to pay attention in the following:

1.Elastic force

Choose a good support and comfort mattress that is very important. More over, the mattress have a good elastic force, but it is sink when you sleep, this is not suitable for your sleeping. When we are buying a mattress, we have to test the elastic force, and choose a suitable support mattress which can provide a support for waist.



Mattress is heavy and is not as easy to clean as a bedding set. There are many people who are worried about to clean mattress, so it is better to choose a mattress that is convenient to clean.

Firm Foam Mattress