Do You Know The History Of Mattress?

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD November 30,2022

      Mattress is commonly used in our daily life, lending us relaxed rest time. Tracking the history of mattress to discover the origins of the comfort invention, from which we can gain more enlightenment to innovate it.

      Long time ago, mattress was made of piles of leaves and grass covered with animal skins in neolithic period.

      In the roman period, the first luxury bed was built. The platform was decorated with gold, silver and bronze, and mattress was stuffed with reeds, hay or wool.

      When in renaissance, the materials of mattress improved. Mattress was made of pea shucks or straw, and then stuffed into fabric bag, with velvet, brocades or silk covering.

      Until industrial revolution period, cotton mattress appeared. And people used bed to raise up the mattress which effectively reduce bugs and vermin. In 1865, the first spring construction came out and was patented.

      In modern and contemporary periods, the speed of invention and innovation of mattress is fast. Box spring mattress, innerspring mattress and foam mattress were created one after another.

      Nowadays, more and more special functional mattresses emerged and being popular among the public, such as zone-divided pocket spring mattress. According to personal body needs and other considerations, different choices of mattress can be available.

      The development history of mattress has experienced a long process. With increasing needs of people, the material and quality of mattress are getting more and more improved and guaranteed, to allow people to have a relaxed and comfortable sleep.

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