Why Memory Foam Is Good As The Material Of Mattress?

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD August 21,2023

        Memory foam is one of the most common and popular mattress filling materials. No matter which kind of mattress brand, we could see this familiar material, except different layer positions or density for various effect on mattress. What is the reason for the popularity of memory foam? It is without doubt that memory foam features suits for the mattress. 


        First of all, one of the memory foam features is slow-rebound. People's recognized viewpoints about memory foam is that slow-rebound could have great protection to the back and spine. As the impact materials, memory foam has great power of absorption, and meanwhile has minimal rebound to the body. That's why memory foam is the main material of most of pocket spring mattresses.


        Then another good memory foam feature is sensitive to temperature. Everyone has its own body shape and curve, so that it seems like Arabian Nights if producing different mattresses for everyone. Temperature susceptibility of memory foam is well to solve the problem. It adjusts its sinking angle and temperature according to reaction to sleepers temperature, which makes it suit for different sleeper shapes and achieve the goal of multi directional support positions.


        Moreover, as the mattress filling material, it could suffer constant pressure when sleepers are in deep sleep. Under the pressure action, memory foam will produce molecular structural changes and occur flow displacement phenomenon. The contours of the pressure surface are fitted by the flow displacement deformation, and the contact point is diffused out from point to surface. When the pressure is gone, it slowly returns to its original position. That's the reason why the memory foam mattress could fit the body well and play an important role in providing good support to all parts of body at the same time. It is one of the best memory foam features among sleeper viewpoints.


        Last but not least, memory foam is durable. It always passes several tests like compression resistance, wear resistance and rebound test. And different kinds of production technology, density, and raw materials have different impacts on memory foam.


        With this detailed introduction of memory foam features, you may have good understanding of advantages of memory foam in the general. Would you like to know more about memory foam mattress? Check here:


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