Is it important to custom made mattress?

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD July 31,2021

Is it important to custom made mattress? With the improvement of the economic level, people have improved the quality of sleep. They are looking for high-quality sleep products, such as pillows, mattresses, quilts, etc.. There are more mattress wholesaler and retailer pay more attention on brands and custom mattresses. A large number of mattress brands emerged on the market, and their prices are also uneven. As a wholesaler or retailer, you must research the market, select mattresses that meet customer needs and ensure quality. Don't blindly seek low prices.

custom mattress


Are you looking for a custom mattress supplier with long-term cooperation? LEIZI factory is specialized in manufacturing mattresses in China for 16 years, providing OEM and ODM services. We sold to 108 countries and received a good review by customers. If mattress wholesalers and retailers are continue to develop in the market, you must custom mattresses that meet the market requirements, you have more advantages and differentiation to compete with your peers. Of course, you can customize your brand, product structure, size, appearance design and packaging design etc. Whatever you do, we must focus on quality for custom mattress. Good quality products can capture the hearts of your customers.

custom mattress


LEIZI factory not only can custom mattresses, but also accept low MOQ to bloom your business. Our design team consists of 6 people, one of whom is Marco from Australia. He has been in the furniture for 30 years, and is very familiar with the market of mattress. According to market demand, our team will update 2-3 new mattress designs every month. You can also provide your customized styles, we will guarantee the quality and give you the best price, so that you can bring good sleep products to your market.

custom mattress


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