Do You Have full Understanding of Different Types of Mattresses?

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD August 31,2021

    People spend one-third time sleeping on bed in our lives. So buying a high quality mattress is extremely important even a worthy investment, which can influence the quality of our life especially for the mental attitude. However, most of people are not so clear about the distinctions of different types of mattresses.

    Luckily, LEIZI has devoted to different types of mattresses for 17 years. We are appreciated to have this opportunity to tell you the differences of the main mattresses of our company.


    About Spring Mattress Types:

  • Pocket Spring Mattress: The spring individually wrapped spring system, which can provide you a better and quiet sleeping environment. And one of the biggest advantages is that make people unable to influenced by bedmate’s behavior. And higher numbers of coils tend to signify better quality and comfort.


  • Bonnell Spring Mattress: It is the oldest version of the innerspring mattress, which placed evenly throughout the mattress and connected by smaller helical coils. The cost of it is low. But a slight flaw should be mentioned is that there may some noise when someone turns over on the bed.



    About Foam Mattress Types:

  • Memory Foam: It has an advanced capacity for absorbing pressure and motion so that it is really popular for people with certain types of body pain.


  • Gel-Infused Foam: If you would like to find a cool feeling when you are lying in bed, gel-infused foam mattress is a good choice for you. It owns better temperature regulation than memory foam.


  • Latex Foam: It has higher bounce back capacity than any other foam options. And what is the most important is that it can be produced using the natural materials which is eco-friendly and healthy.




    After reading through this article, do you have a better understanding of different types of mattresses? If you want to get more details, welcome searching for specific products in our official website.