Is the spring mattress light or heavy?

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD July 31,2021

In the sleeping life, should we choose a heavy spring mattress or a light spring mattress? The spring mattress is popular and supported now. For this problem, it depends on the actual individual needs. Fat people try to choose a heavier mattress to use, so the stability is better, the life of the mattress is longer.

spring mattress

When we talk about mattress brands, especially mattress types, we will consider spring mattresses first. Spring mattresses have always occupied a certain share in the market. The brand's image is maintained and managed, and the price and quality of the products are guaranteed. When you are choosing a mattress, we will consider the issue of weight. The support and support of a heavier mattress is relatively better. A lighter mattress is more flexible. So you have to choose according to your own requirements.


As far as I know, the weight of a mattress is related to the size and thickness of the mattress. You can not judge the quality of a mattress by weight.

spring mattress