How Does Mattress Affect Sleep?

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD January 25,2022

      Sleep plays an important role in your health both in physical and mental. People get energy from sleep to deal with day work and study. Enough sleep every night leads to good productivity and creativity, mental concentration, athletic performance and health risks reduction. So everyone knows that sleep has great effect on us, and mattress as the mostly closest stuff throughout our sleep, do you know how does mattress affect sleep?


      Even though someone is tired in day, but still struggle to fall asleep at night. If you are facing this kind of difficulties, you should keep your eyes on your mattress. There are some possibilities how your mattress affects your sleep:


  1. Firmness of Mattress Could Affect Your Back and Joint

      One of the most necessary functions of mattress is support. Good supportive mattress can relax every part of your whole body, and make you come into deep sleep that means your sleep quality is good. Although we suggest that firmness of mattress should accord with personal preference, actually all this being said, it bases on your practical demand depending on your back and joint feel, and the size and body weight of sleeper. Foam and spring have different support to your back and joint. On the one hand, firm mattress like pocket spring mattress and bonnell spring mattress are suitable for stomach sleepers, back pain sleepers, people who easily get sweat, and people with mobility issues. Because spring mattress is inclined to medium-firm or firm, can provide people great support, easy to move on and good for curving people’s body shape. And it’s more breathable, spring mattress can be with thin foam layer above the spring core part. On the other hand, soft mattress is good for side sleepers, larger people, and those who like sink into mattresses. The whole foam mattress is pretty pressure relieved, and provides zero-noise sleep environment. Different firmness of mattress gives you various support, and does different effects on your back and joint. Without any pain feeling, you will be more energetic in day.


  1. Mattress Could Cause Dust Mites That Trigger Allergies

      Dim bedroom environment, old mattress, skin fibers and sweat and so on, all these factors can be the pleasant conditions for dust mites and other allergens to live and breed. The longer time the mattress used, the easier you suffer from allergies. Some of the most common allergic reactions you can experience include runny nose, sneezing, hay fever and even difficult in breathing. No matter whether you will be allergic to dust mites, long-used of the same mattress is not good for your skin and health, because it will slightly deform or affect your skin conditions.


  1. Wrong Mattress Could Increase Your Stress and Anxiety

      Wrong mattress causes you bad sleep quality, and then influences your mental health and emotions. When you cannot get fully relax and deep sleep, you may feel tired and listless in the morning, that will influence your efficiency and thought on work or study. Life pressure may increase your stress and anxiety. Your uncompleted tasks affect your internal sleep clock so that your sleep quality will decrease. It will become a vicious circle. To break through the dilemma is to change a right mattress for yourself and keep your nice mood and regular internal clock everyday.


      According to the passage, you may find that mattress influence many kinds of aspects of our health. When you find your mattress not suits for you, and new mattress should be taken into consideration. Choose a mattress that can perfectly curve to your body shape, be good for your relief, and provide you best support and sleep quality. Changing your mattress regularly for using five to ten years, your sleep environment is important.


      Hope you enjoy restful and good sleep every night on your right mattress.


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