Do You Need A Spring Mattress?

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD January 25,2022

      Do you confuse about what spring mattress includes? Is spring mattress suitable for you? And how to choose a spring mattress? All of these problems can be clear after reading through this passage. If you have any problems about mattress information, welcome to contact us. It is our pleasure to provide people all around the world good sleep and keep away from insomnia.


What Is Spring Mattress?

      Spring mattress is one of the common mattress types. It is the same appearance as other mattress one, but with a different core part -- spring construction.

      ·Spring Fabrication

      To make a spring, place the stainless steel onto a former, then curves the wire into the correct shape.  Process by which coils are treated to ensure that their original shape and height after compression, improving their durability and resiliency. In tempering process, coils are heated and then cooled, realigning the molecules in such a way that enhances the coil’s strength and resistance to sagging.

      ·Bonnell Spring Mattress & Pocket Spring Mattress

      Spring mattress mainly includes bonnell spring mattress and pocket spring mattress. The original and standard of bonnell spring are characterized by hourglass shaped springs. It is used primarily in lower-priced beds. Type of pocket spring that are individually wrapped in separate fabric pockets, providing more motion separation than other types of innerspring coils.

      Different spring sizes and materials make it own different cost. And when we produce springs, the firmness, wire diameter and caliber should be taken into consideration according to the practical use and function.



Who Needs Spring Mattress?

      Spring mattress owns good ventilation feature for its non-solid spring construction, providing a cool sleep experience. And it provides good core support and edge support. What is the most innovative is spring mattress does not only just make of spring, but also has the quilting layer with high density foam, convoluted foam, memory foam and etc.. And this layer adds the comfort to sleep. Spring mattress involve less sinking which has great support for the back. Thus it can be seen that spring mattress suits for those people with back pain trouble, obesity problem, and sweat profuse constitution. There are some trivial differences between bonnell spring and pocket spring mattress. The latter is more noiseless because separate pockets can reduce the friction among the springs. So pocket spring mattress are suitable for people who do not have good sleep quality or be easily wakened.



How To Choose A Spring Mattress?

      First of all, knowing your body shape and health condition clearly.

      Second, be sure of the size, color and style that you prefer.

      Third, thinking about your sleeping positions, everyone sleep in their own unique way, that will also influence your choice on mattress.

      Forth, weight is the crucial factor for your choice.The level of sink, feel, cooling and support of each mattress is highly affected by your weight and your body shape.

      Fifth, if you have a sleep partner, pocket spring mattress is more suited because of its zero disturbance function. And for back pain people, zone-divided pocket spring mattress is a good choice, because it offers different support refer to different parts of body.

      Sixth, ask for professional help if necessary. Professional advice may help you deal with tough choice.

      Last, if you go to buy mattress offline, it is suggested that lie low to experience the truly feeling, especially pay attention to three parts of stress feeling-- your neck, back, and hip.


      Do you need a spring mattress? It is believed that you have the right answer in mind. And taking into consideration for twice and choose your best spring mattress for you or your family. Spring mattress has been popular among the market for many years and well-known all around the world. Hope you owns a good spring mattress for brilliance sleeping quality and environment.