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 Medium Firm Euro&Pillow Top Cloud Latex Foam Pocket Spring Mattress | M24012
Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress Cool | 24M15
Grey Tight Top Comfy Pocket Spring Mattress Foam Encasement | 2301
Khaki Medium Firm Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress | Elite B
Geometric Minimalism Velvet Platform Upholstered Bed Bedroom Interior | 2823
Custom Circle Storage Bed Frame Manufacturers | Round Bed
Custom Velvet King Size Bed Manufacturers | LZ-940
Bed Frame Manufacturers Wholesale Bespoke King Size | LZ-913
18 Years Experience
Standardized Workshop
Annual Output 72000 pcs
International QC Approved
300+ Product Models
Eco Friendly & Healthy
Roll Up Package Mattress
Product Research Team
37 Utility Patents
After-Sales Services
Customized Publicity
68 Countries & Regions
Located Near Shipping Port
Reputed Product Reviews
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Years Founded

20000 ㎡

Factory Area

80 +

Enterprise Staff

Foshan LEIZI Furniture CoLtd was founded in 2004 specializing in custom bed mattress manufacturing and supplying. As an industrial and trade oriented innovative enterprise we provide high quality and modern bedroom furniture all over the world.

LEIZI Furniture could provide OEM & ODM services for wholesale bed mattress customers. More than 300+ custom bed mattress models for choice creating perfect bedroom furniture to our sleepers.

Our value message is 'Quality Is Our Culture'.
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icon Jul 18 2024
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Velvet storage beds blend elegance with practicality, enhancing bedroom beauty and maximizing space through integrated storage solutions.
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This article guides hot sleepers on choosing the best cool gel mattress, highlighting key features and benefits for improved sleep quality.
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Customizing a comfy bed frame enhances sleep quality, providing personalized support, durability, and aesthetic appeal for a perfect night's rest.
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This article explores how to match a green velvet bed with various furniture styles to create a luxurious bedroom.
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This article provides effective methods and tips on how to dry a mattress without relying on sunlight.
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This guide helps hot sleepers choose the best mattress for a cooler, more comfortable night's sleep.
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A gel foam mattress topper enhances sleep quality with superior support, comfort, and cooling properties, making it a valuable addition to any bed.
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Choosing between a firm or soft mattress depends on your sleeping posture, weight, and comfort preferences to ensure optimal sleep quality.
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Exploring advanced cooling technologies in modern mattresses, find optimal mattress for yourself.
icon May 23 2022
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LEIZI Furniture 2022 Annual Ceremony - 18 years China Custom Furniture Supplier - Bed Mattress Manufacturing and Supplying
icon Nov 30 2021
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17 years experience LEIZI Mattress Factory give advice on how to choose mattresses.
icon Oct 19 2021
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Choose custom good bed mattress for side sleepers and enjoy relaxed whole night.
icon Sep 28 2021
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        A mattress is a worthy investment. It is important to make sure that your mattress can keep as long as possible. But in daily life, mattress always suffer from bacteria, dust and stains, so knowing that how to clean your
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