Annual Ceremony of LEIZI - A China Custom Furniture Supplier

Published by Foshan LEIZI Furniture Co., Ltd June 20,2024

Dreams Integration, Bright Future

Annual Ceremony of LEIZI - A China Custom Furniture Supplier


      Year goes by, 2022 has come. Foshan LEIZI Furniture Annual Ceremony successfully held on 7th Jan, 2022. The topic is 'Dreams Integration and bright future'. The general manager, department leaders, staffs from headquarter and filiales, cooperative partners and special guests celebrated the ceremony together. We looked back the splendid development of LEIZI in 2021, and expected creation and bright future in 2022.


Foshan China Custom Furniture Supplier Annual Ceremony


      As a custom bed mattress factory, 'Dreams Integration and bright future' is the summary of LEIZI’s new development. Look back to the 17-year experience of LEIZI Furniture, we are in accordance with the company core value 'trust, practicability and unremitting efforts', and also shoulder the social responsibility of 'environmental and unpolluted production'. LEIZI specializes in custom bed mattress research, production and manufacturing. Ergonomics, quality products and practical use are three important emphasized points to LEIZI. We have 37 types of utility patents of custom bed mattress, and our products have exported to 68 countries and regions, which is the best prove that we step efforts to achieve the company state mission of 'people from all over the world no longer suffer from insomnia'. LEIZI has won reputed comments and praises from clients at home and aboard. By extending the excellent business tradition, we integrate our dreams, seek common development and create bright future together as well. Equity mechanism reform, annual department plan, personal development vision and other blueprints are being written, and a 2022 new chapter of LEIZI is opening. We hope to be one of the most effective China custom furniture suppliers.


      A video of LEIZI development history kicked off the ceremony. There are four main parts of the ceremony, including the speech of general manager, annual awards, toast and variety shows.


      With the festive and excited background music, our general manager Golden Liu stepped to the middle of the stage. He talked about the development history and experience of LEIZI since 2004, deeply summarized the great result and progress during 2021, and presented high expectation for LEIZI in 2022. Under the guidance of Golden Liu, LEIZI promotes innovation and reform. One of the most important parts of new plan is equity mechanism reform, which implementation is the perfect interpretation of the ceremony topic 'dreams integration and bright future'. Staffs could achieve their goals to a large extent, and our LEIZI Furniture value could scale new heights. Development of new plans is more than that mentioned above. LEIZI emphasizes dreams of staffs, and cooperate with our partners to win. In the coming new year, we spare no efforts to climb up to the peak of China custom furniture supplier, and create mutual trust and benefits future.

 China Custom Furniture Supplier Annual Ceremony


      After general manager's speech, it was time to be annual awards. LEIZI commended excellent staffs and cooperative partners. We expressed sincere appreciation to our cooperative partners for their support and coordination. Win-win cooperation is the market rule of business development. And the progress we make cannot separate from the hard efforts from all of our staffs. Keeping firm faith, persistent craftsman spirit, improving production craftsmanship and meticulous service attitude, LEIZI family prefer behaviors than words. Award is not only a encouragement, but also LEIZI's thanks to all of our staffs and partners for being solid support for LEIZI.


      Toast came by awards commending. Hope the dearly friendship with our staffs, partners and friends like the luscious ripe wine, and hope the flourishing development like the highly held glasses. The vibrant singing and dancing shows the talent and vitality of LEIZI. The lucky draw promoted the atmosphere of the annual ceremony to the climax. Present guests not only received gifts and joy, but also the home culture of LEIZI.


China Custom Furniture Supplier 2022 Annual Ceremony


      With the singing 'the original dream', LEIZI annual ceremony drew to conclusion. At the beginning of the new year, LEIZI is striving to write a grand vision, holding great ambition, and firmly determining our reform and innovation. Together with LEIZI family and partners, we integrate dreams, blaze new ways and create brilliant future. We hope that the development of LEIZI Furniture in 2022 will be booming and flourishing, and achieve great progress.

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