What is natural latex mattress?

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD May 17,2024

Today latex mattresses are divided into natural latex mattress and synthetic latex mattress. In fact, there is no pure natural latex. The latex content in natural latex mattresses is about 85%. Because latex is easy to age, the mattress of durability is very low which is made of 100% latex. so there is no 100% natural latex mattress.

Natural latex mattress

Synthetic latex is made from PU and PE components in petroleum. It is a chemical product with similar properties as natural latex, but its environmental protection is poor and its quality is uneven.


Compressed queen size latex mattresses are highly elastic and therefore it is more supportive. The material itself is soft to the touch, the fit is better. However, the latex mattress has a general gas permeability, even if it has a porous structure, the hole is compressed for a long time, and the material is poor in gas permeability, so that it is unable to remove heat effectively.

Natural latex mattress

There are very few pure natural latex mattresses in market, It is generally in latex pocket spring mattress.

The important factor affecting the quality of natural latex mattresses is the production process. The best raw materials do not necessarily produce the best natural latex mattresses.

natural latex mattress

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