What is spring mattress

Published by Foshan LEIZI Furniture Co., Ltd July 18,2024

Spring mattresses are the most popular mattresses on the market today. The product have a big different price, from hundreds of thousands high-end products to hundreds of cheap products. spring mattresses are generally have two types:


One is the most traditional connecting spring, which has poor anti-interference. When you jump on the it, the whole mattress is moving. But the price is cheap, which has good elasticity, strong support and hard feeling.

what is spring mattress

There is also a more popular independent pocket spring mattress, the middle end and high-end mattress is made of pocket spring. The advantage is independent support, and meet human body curve, effectively supporting all parts of the body, dispersing pressure; and strong anti-interference, does not affect partner when turning over; the disadvantage is that the mattress is often under Partial pressure and loss of flexibility, and the price is relatively high.

what is spring mattress



There is also a 5-Zone Sleep System, which is also a independent pocket spring. The special feature is that the bed mattress is five zones: head, shoulders, waist, hips and legs. Each zone has a different degree of softness and firmness, so it can support different parts of the body more forcefully and more closely. (The five zone mattress was invented by the American Restonic brand and is patent-guaranteed. It is the most reasonable way to partition.)

what is spring mattress

Spring mattresses include a support layer and a comfort layer. The support layer is the spring, which is the core support of the bed mattress; the comfort layer can be filled with soft materials such as latex, foam, memory foam, etc., which increases the comfort for mattress;


The hardness of the mattress is decide by the support layer and the comfort layer. Therefore, buying a mattress not only pays attention to the support layer, but also pays attention to the filling of the comfort layer.

what is spring mattress

Another point is that mattress is generally softer and more expensive, because the soft mattress requires the spring to be soft, and the support can not be reduced. This technical difficulty is much higher, so the price is also expensive.


Another performance of high-end mattresses is soft, not collapsed, hard and not stiff, whether it is soft or hard, and the support and fit are guaranteed to be healthy and comfortable.

what is spring mattress

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