What Is The Good Mattress For Side Sleepers?

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD May 17,2024


      Many people find that side sleeping position is the most comfortable way for them to fall asleep. It is also the most common sleeping position. However, if you sleep on a wrong mattress which make you misaligned spine, it may put much pressure on you and hurt your back, neck, shoulder, or hip.


      Decide what is the good mattress for side sleepers may be difficult. You should know about what mattress conform to your body shape especially the spine.


      Keeping the spine straight when sleeping is necessary. The right mattress for side sleeper should be emphasized on how well the mattress can conform to different people for their individual body shape. So how to make sure that whether your spine is in a neutral position, you can lie on the bed on one your side and ask your friend or loved one to take a picture of your back, seeing it is straight or not. In order to judge it appropriately, you can draw a line from your middle point of ears, through your shoulder, and down to your hip. If the line is straight, so that your mattress is right for you. On the contrary, if your shoulders or hips are sinking farther than your head and leg, your mattress is too soft for you.


      In a general way, side sleepers prefer soft mattress.But actually, our mattress can be divided into 10-point scale. One-point means the softest, and ten-point represents the firmest. Most side sleepers incline to 5-7 point firmness. And also don’t forget to consider your weight and health which are factors influence your choice on mattress.


      Now zones-divided pocket spring mattress is well-known among people, because it suits to ergonomic and its firmness can confirm different parts of body. And we can place foam on the top of pocket spring core to keep its softness.


      The good mattress for side sleeper is to keep your spine straight and in a neutral position when sleeping. Now you know how to judge whether your mattress is suitable for you sleeping on your side, follow the steps above and check it.

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