Can I Clean a Mattress Topper?

Published by Foshan LEIZI Furniture Co., Ltd July 18,2024

        Mattress topper is becoming more and more popular among the public, because it is an inexpensive way to improve the soft and comfy feeling of a mattress. It is on the top of the mattress and under the bed sheets. So some stains may leave on the mattress topper, such as sweat, body oil and other contaminants, that would make the topper dirty and you feel not comfort and clean when lying on it. Some people may confuse about can I clean a mattress topper, and how to clean a mattress topper.

        An exact answer for you is that a mattress topper can be cleaned.


  1. How To Deal With Stains On the Mattress Topper?

        For most of contaminant stains, it can be cleaned as following steps. First, use appropriate cleaning solution and drop several drips on the clean cloth, like dish soap, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or any other professional cleaning solution (remember to use it strictly according to its instruction). And then use the cloth with cleaning solution to blot the stains until it become light. Third, use a separate wet cloth to mop the cleaning solution. These two steps can be repeated until the stain wipe out. And next is to use moderate amount of baking soda to leave it on stain area for more than eight hours to draw out moisture. Finally use a vacuum to dry up the mattress topper surface.


  1. Daily Basic Mattress Topper Cleaning

        Daily basic cleaning for mattress topper is a good lifestyle and habit, not only can keep your mattress topper tidy, but also protect your health system. Daily cleaning is not complex and difficult, use baking soda and vacuum that can finish an effective and useful cleaning. At first, move away your mattress protector and bedding, and remove your mattress topper on the floor or flat place, please be careful not to make it damaged for its fabric. Then vacuum your topper thoroughly. After that, you could averagely sprinkle a little baking soda on the topper and sit it for at least eight hours. Two sides of mattress are the same steps. And at last use vacuum again to wipe out the soda.
        This method as daily topper cleaning is simple and convenient. It is suggested that this cleaning can be done two or three times in a year, and your mattress topper can keep clean and fresh.


        After reading this passage, you may be clear about how to keep your mattress topper clean. And you won’t have confusion on whether you can or should clean your mattress topper any more. Making a comfortable and tidy environment for your rest space.

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