Why Does My Mattress Turn Yellow?

Published by Foshan LEIZI Furniture Co., Ltd July 18,2024


      Sometimes you may find that there are some yellow blots on your mattress. Being trouble with this situation, which is unsightly and not good for your health to some extent, do you know why does my mattress turn yellow and how to remove yellow stains away from mattress?


      Yellow stain is one of the easiest problem to fix among different mattress problems. There are several types of reasons, and here I would like to show you in details, telling you how to deal with problems of yellow stains on mattress.


      Types of yellow stains on mattress can be divided as follows. First, sweat stains can be make your mattress become yellow for a long period. It is not easy to be seen that how sweat influence the mattress at the beginning, because sweat is colorless and odourless. But after long time accumulation, it becomes visible and pretty notable. These yellow stains mostly appears in the feet, palms, forehead and cheek areas. Why your sweat turns yellow on mattress? Because your sweat owns body oil and mixed on the mattress topper, making it quality change. Second, when water or sweat reaches the coils, it may make the spring rusted and appear yellow or near brown stains. But nowadays there are foam quilting on the top of spring, so that most mattresses will not suffered from this problems. Third, urine is one of the easiest reasons for mattress turning yellow. If beds used for the old with pains or babies, for their body situations, the mattress is easy to get dirty. Last but not least, dust mites or other mould stains are possible for turning mattress into yellow. For these dust mites and mould stains, they carry bacteria and make people be allergic to them.


      Knowing about the reasons of turning yellow on mattress, it is need to clear about how to clean and remove these yellow stains from mattress.


      The easiest and quickest way is obviously to change a new mattress. Mattress has its own warranty. Foam mattress is commonly for five years, and spring mattress for ten years. But it actually depends on the maintenance status. If it not reaches the warranty but appears yellow stains, follow these tips to have a try.


      Make full preparation for clean up the yellow stains -- vacuum cleaner, soda, and upholstery brush. You could try to use the vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress surface. For sweat stain or urine stain, you can mix the soda and soap and then drop 3-5 drops on the stains, then wait for 1-3 hours for dry. And after that, you can mix soda and essential oil to drop several drops on mattress to last it for about an hour, and then use the vacuum cleaner to clean it. There are still many other solutions to remove the yellow stains.


      After reading this passage, are you clear about why does mattress turn yellow and how to remove it? Hope you own a tidy and soft mattress and experience good sleep during the whole night.

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