Georgian Market Hotel Queen Size Bed Mattress Set

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD April 01,2024

On June 15, 2018, we received an inquiry from Georgia customer John, who was a local influential hotel service provider. John has extended his company's business to neighboring countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, etc. Their corporate philosophy is provide the best quality bed mattress set and service to each hotel, so that every traveller have a comfortable sleeping environment when are resting in the local area. Therefore, he has very high requirements for the selection of product suppliers, whether it is beds, mattresses and other bed mattress set.

bed mattress set

He frankly said: Compared many suppliers of bed mattress set, they have collected many kinds of quotations about bed, mattress, bedding set, it is hard to distinguish good and bad online. We sincerely invite him to our factory to check and test the bed mattress set. He is agree it and made a plan to visit in July 2018. After all, the network could not touch and test the products of bed mattress set, and judge the quality of the products. He can choose the one which is suitable for his requirements, and we can communicate face to face.


The Georgians were very warm and courteous. The first time we met John, he was motivated and energy, then he can manager his company better and better. According to the first quotation of bed mattress set, we introduced each bed, mattress, hotel bedding set, bath towel to John, different grade and quality standards, which can help him offer solution of bed mattress set to his customers. When John walked into our workshop, he found that it was very different from the factories which he visited in the past. He said that our factory is standardized, clean and the equipment is very advanced. This is the most qualified production workshop which he saw in China. We were so moved to receive such high evaluation from customers. With this praise, we believe we can do better and better.

bed mattress set

After selecting the product and confirm the quantity, John did not go to another factories. We communicated the details of this cooperation and the future development, hope the good products can be show to every hotel, so that every traveller like a hotel, sleeps well and sleeps comfortably. Being able to work together to do something for the community is also in line with the values of our company. We believe we can be better together.

bed mattress set

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