Client from Slovenia about the OEM pocket spring mattress

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD February 29,2024

In January 2019, we received an inquiry from ZLATKO JERKOVIC in Slovenia. He lives in Slovenia. Slovenia is a very friendly country and one of the countries in the Belt and Road. He know the friendly relations between Slovenia and China, and the future development, so he try to import mattresses from China to use his own brand in the local market.


We are a professional manufacturer of mattresses for 16 years and a TOP10 mattress supplier in Foshan. WE BELIEVE THAT " THE QUALITY IS THE SOUL OF AN ENTREPRISE".


Zlatko is the first time trying to import in China, so it is very cautious to choose supplier. After sending our mattress design to him, he said that our design ability is very good. Compared the 10 suppliers, our design is the most unique and in line with their local market. Our company is not only the quality first, research and development capabilities and market service solutions are the best, which is why customers have been cooperate with us for many years.


He is already familiar with the mattress industry and has his own unique insights. According to his requirements, we matched the price to his reference and invited him to visit our factory to experience the sleep feeling of his chosen mattress. A good mattress is not only choosing the material, but it is more important in line with the local people's sense of sleep.


In September 2019, he came to our factory and visited our production process. He tried to sleep on a custom mattress sample and was very satisfied which is for his market. We introduced our company's history and future development. He is full of confidence in our cooperation and is looking forward to the future cooperation.

After he is back to Slovenia, he will discuss with her partners about the quantity and monthly plan, so that we can arrange his delivery time and make the sales volume smooth and rising.


We are very grateful for his visit. We discussed the trend of the mattress industry and the future development. Hope we can cooperate for a long time and give all over the world people a good night sleep.

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