OEM Mattress Services From LEIZI Furniture - Japanese Market

Published by Foshan LEIZI Furniture Co., Ltd July 18,2024

      LEIZI Furniture has specialized in mattress manufacturing and supplying for 18 years. We are an experienced OEM mattress factory from China, and we receive reputed comments and trust from our customers. LEIZI Furniture mattresses and beds have exported to 68 countries and regions, for wholesalers, retailers, hotel projects and so on.


      One of our Japanese clients who demands OEM mattress mainly sell bedroom furniture online and offline, including mattresses, beds and other bedroom furnishings. He firstly known us from Alibaba, for most of our product values and opinions are the same, so we got in touch with each other harmoniously and quickly. Language is not a trouble when credibility and trust are built between us. We usually recommend our new mattress and bed series to him, and he has great feedback on them and get the new one to test the market.


      He has told us mattresses and beds are on hot sale in his region, and he has reputed comment on our quality OEM mattress, that brings us closer and further cooperation and development on business. He prefers the original shape of mattress rather than flat compression or roll up package, and we raise a new idea about folding package, which could save delivery space and be easy to carry into the room for the feature that room space may be small in Japan.


      Our client hopes that he could open more stores in Japan, and we are willing to spare no efforts on our long-term OEM mattress cooperation, extending our product added value and innovating more quality sleeping products.


      Win-win strategy is the best ambition and result for the cooperation partnership.  


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