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About LEIZI Mattress


      Foshan LEIZI Furniture Co., Ltd was founded in 2004 in Foshan, China, a trusted manufacturer and supplier integrating with product research, design, production, sales and services of custom bed mattress, including spring mattress, foam mattress and hybrid mattress. There are four main brands of our mattresses, LEIZI, HERMIANS, NAPNICE and Ximei Sleep. LEIZI Furniture also provides OEM and ODM services for meeting different demands in worldwide market.

      LEIZI Furniture with 16,000m² standardized custom mattress bed workshops and 4,000m² showrooms, has set up 7 local specialty stores, 2 overseas warehouses in Toronto and Texas, and 4 office branches in Foshan, Hongkong, Jiangxi and Wuhan.

      Our LEIZI furniture products have exported to 68 countries and regions, and we receive reputed feedback and trusted support from our worldwide clients. Since our foregin trade begins, we had been one of the OEM spring mattress manufacturer for Serta and OTTO, and we also have great experience as a hotel mattress supplier.

      Our value message is 'Quality is our culture'. Looking for spring or foam mattress manufacturer? LEIZI Furniture, it's your good choice. 


      Spring Mattress Manufacturer - Quilting Machine - Hotel Mattress Supplier   Compression Spring Mattress Manufacturer - Hotel Mattress Manufacturer   Quality Spring Mattress Manufacturer Workshop



Why Choose LEIZI Mattress?


      - Scale: Exported 68 countries and regions, including online and offline retailers and wholesalers, hotel / villa projects, OEM production


      - Equipment: Standardized mattress workshop with delicated quilting, cutting, edge surrounding, compression and roll up techniques


      - Cost Control: 70% raw materials of mattress are made of our own factory, finished product cost control

                                Factory location is near Guangzhou or Shenzhen shipping port, shipping cost control


      - Quality: International QC guaranteed, eg. ISO, CertiPUR-US, CFR1633, SGS, Alibaba etc.


      - Production: Annual mattress output 50,000pcs, more than 180 mattress models for choice


      - Services: Custom mattress / publicity ideas / market information / after-sales services


      - Innovation: Experienced foreign mattress designer from Australia, new mattress products each month for market


      Spring Mattress Manufacturer Innovative Design   LEIZI Mattress Foam Spring Mattress Manufacturer   Custom Spring Foam Mattress Manufacturer Worldwide Exported   Custom Bed Mattress Manufacturer LEIZI Furniture



Mattress Recommendations



Spring Mattress Foam Mattress Hotel Mattress Mattress Topper
LEIZI Spring Mattress Manufacturer LEIZI Foam Mattress Manufacturer LEIZI Hotel Mattress Supplier LEIZI Mattress Topper Factory



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OEM Mattress Cooperation Cases


Case Example: Bahrain Market Case Example: Japanese Market

      One of LEIZI OEM mattress clients, from Bahrain market, who specialized in online and offline bedroom furniture sales. We firstly met in Malaysia Furniture Fair, based on his opintions on mattress design and structure, we develop our mattresses for him, which has acheived eight times cooperation on high-end mattresses so far. He told us a new apartment project is coming, and we are both looking forward to have further cooperation on it. 

      Full case → https://www.leizibedmattress.com/CASE/oem-mattress-cooperation--bahrain-market.html


      One of LEIZI OEM mattress clients, from Japanese market, who specialized in online and offline mattress and bed sales. He found us on Alibaba, for the same product values and opinions, so we got in touch harmoneously and quickly. He had reputed OEM mattress services on us, not only for the product, but also the folding package that customized for his customers. He hopes that he could open more stores and have further cooperation on our more mattress and bed products.

      Full case → https://www.leizibedmattress.com/CASE/oem-mattress-services-from-leizi-furniture--japanese-market.html

LEIZI Furniture OEM Foam Mattress Manufacturer

LEIZI Furniture OEM Spring Mattress Manufacturer Direct



LEIZI Mattress Certification & Cooperation




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