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      LEIZI Furniture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 in Foshan City, China. As a wholesale mattress factory,  LEIZI Furniture owns 16,000m²  ISO manufacturing workshops and 4,000m² furniture showrooms, integrateing with innovative research and development team, complete mattress and bed production line, professional sales and services team and rigorious quality inspection team. LEIZI has a total of 7 domestic stores and 2 overseas warehouses in U.S.. With 37 utility patents, our sleep products currently have exported to 68 countries and regions, served for 800 star hotels. 


      About LEIZI wholesale mattress, we have four own mattress brands, LEIZI, HERMIANS, NAPNICE, BAENIGHT. We provide different wholesale mattress types including pocket spring mattress, bonnell spring mattress, hybrid mattress, foam mattress and also folding mattress. More than 100 wholesale mattress designs for choices, with customized colors, styles and comfort. We possess semi-automated standardized mattress production workshop certified to ISO standard. LEIZI Furniture steadily cooperats with foam and spring raw material factory, for cost controlled and quality guaranteed. We met the international QC standards like CertiPUR-US, SGS, OEKO-TEX, CFR1633, etc..


    About LEIZI upholstered bed, we own standardized production workshop certified to ISO standard. The upholstered bed workshop is divided into cutting, sewing, buttoning, cotton filling, packaging, carpentry and storage areas. Reasonable manufacturing area ensures that materials and finished products remain unaffected by dust, wood shaving, etc., to facilitate commodity inspection export arrangements.  The materials used in upholstered bed production are sourced from a stable and durable supply chain, effectively ensuring quality and cost control. Our production team for upholstered bed consists of skilled workers with more than 5 years of experience, contributing to their expertise. 


      LEIZI bed mattress wholesale factory must be your first choice of one-stop bedroom furniture solutions, we sincerely hope to grow up with our clients together, and step to win-win strategy on business cooperation. 









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Mattress Customization

Product Customized:

  • Mattress Dimensions: size and height
  • Mattress Comfort: different materials with various comfort
  • Mattress Package: including original shape in PE bag or kraft paper, flat compression with wood pallets, roll up mattress with PE bag or kraft paper, roll up mattress in box
  • Mattress Logo: if you have own brand, we could be your OEM partner


Service Customized:

  • HD product images and videos provided
  • Marketing suggestions, new product design ideas, sales services
  • Matching furniture solutions for whole house, hotel project, apartment project etc.



  • New mattresses release every month
  • Specific series created for specific markets: Middle East, Oceania etc.
  • Hotel mattress series specially supply for hotels





Upholstered bed manufacturer LEIZI LEIZI Upholstered Circle Bed LEIZI Bed Base ManufacturerLEIZI Upholstered Storage Bed Manufacturer





Upholstered Bed Customization

Product Customized:

  • Bed Color: color swatches for chosen, over 30 colors could meet your needs
  • Bed Fabric: velvet, linen, leather are three main fabric for uphlstered beds
  • Bed Dimension: bed height and size could be customized
  • Bed Design: design ideas could be discussed and implemented
  • Function Added: functional bed could be made for various bed designs


Service Customized:

  • HD product images and videos provided
  • Marketing suggestions, new product design ideas, sales services
  • Matching furniture solutions for whole house, hotel project, apartment project etc.


Functional Upholstered Bed

  • Storage Beds: storage with drawers, gas lift storage. three-sides storage
  • LED Upholstered Beds: headboard with LED design
  • Folding Beds: most for hospitality or outdoors use





  • Great Wholesale Experience: Export to 68 countries and regions, serve for 800 star hotels
  • Self Innovative Design: Over 200 wholesale mattress and upholstered bed models for choices, releasing new design every month
  • Matching Solutions: Provide one-stop bedroom furniture solutions and services, with steady supply chain and product quality
  • Quality Certified: Independent mattress and bed workshop certified to ISO standard, mattress certified to CFR1633, SGS, OEKO-TEX etc.
  • Win-win Strategy: Provide HD images and videos of products, professional furniture design or marketing ideas










      LEIZI Furniture has exported to over 68 countries and regions, and served for 800 star hotels worldwide. We have professional experience in hotel or wholesale mattress, bed and any other furniture. According to different markets, we provide relevant ideas and products to meet different demands. For mattresses, we focus on the mattress longevity and support capacity, for ensuring both spring core part and edge of mattress could be fully supported. For beds, we could provide different kinds of upholstered beds, or independent bed headboard and bed base, to match with the style of room. We receive lots of good feedback from our worldwide wholesale clients, for the well-selected materials, good support and quality guaranteed. 



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